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Filling Loop with pressure gauge
The Altecnic ALT-ST0035 filling loop is used to fill and pressurise
domestic central heating systems or in apartment blocks to fill and
pressurise the secondary heating systems of Heat Interface Units
The filling loop MUST be installed in accordance with requirements
of the Water Regulations Guide -1999, Schedule 2, Section 8,
Paragraphs G24.1 and G24.2.
ALT_ST0035 Filling Loop_DS_09_14.pdf
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Dirt Mag Mini
The DIRTMAG MINI® dirt separator and strainer separates the
impurities in air conditioning systems to protect the boiler circulator
and heat exchanger.
The removable magnet captures the ferro magnetic particles, whilst
the mesh strainer and dirt separator capture the remaining debris.
The compact design of this dirt separator strainer is ideal for
installation under wall boilers, even in small spaces.
The special inlet layout allows for vertical or horizontal installation,
with angled or in-line connections as required.
Dirtmag Mini Datasheet.pdf
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The DISCALSLIM® devices can autonomously and continuously discharge the air from climate control circuits, down to the micro-bubble level (slow, continuous degassing).
Circulation of fully deaerated water allows the systems to operate in optimal conditions, free from any noise, corrosion, localised overheating or mechanical damage.
Discal Slim 01337_en.pdf
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